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Every Project has an element of marine coordination from risk assessments to location checks. We have worked on some of the biggest productions requiring more extensive research, preparation, sourcing, passage planning, and complicated logistics. Our team has many years of experience in and around water all over the world. Our highly qualified team includes ex-military personnel and specialists instructors in various marine disciplines including diving, sailing, power boating.Marine Security and small arms training.We offer a consultancy service involving training plans, location risk assessments, security services. We have conducted onsite services for serval media and Film companies including safety boat services commercial divers and onsite risk assessments/guidance.   

All our vessels come with skippers, who will be able to discuss your exact requirements with you on the ground. All safety equipment, including life jackets, will be provided with the boat, as standard, for all persons on-board. We can also provide commercial divers if needed. Our boats and staff are fully insured for filming and media shoots throughout the UK and Europe, our team have been involved in many high profile projects. Our staff are completely professional & discreet at all times.


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