NPORS Telescopic Handler (N010)

NPORS Telescopic Handler training is a qualification which is recognised by the HSE. The qualification shows that an organisation has NPORS trained instructors who are hence fully competent to train, test and certify operators.

We have facilities for on-site training. And havefully accredited NPORS Instructors onsite.


How long is the Telescopic Handler course?
Telehandler training can vary in course length. For a novice, the course lasts for three days but for a more experienced operator,this could be two days or stight for the 1 day assessment.


Who should attend the Telescopic Handler course?
Novices with no experience all the way up to experienced workers sit on the course.


Is the Telescopic Handler course accredited?
NPORS accredited

Please call us to discuss your requrements we can run this course on short notice if needed.