MCA Master - 200gt OOW - 500gt Prep Course

Preparation course (5 days) – £949

Our prep course is taught by an active Master Mariner and Liverpool Pilot.  







What is the Master 200/OOW 500
The MCA Master (Code vessel less than 200GT) is very similar to the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification but can be useful when operating from foreign ports when the port officials are more used to recognising MCA or Flag State qualifications. In some cases overseas administrations allow seafarers to operate other flagged vessels if they hold a MCA certificate referencing STCW. It can be used by skippers on vessels up to 200 Gt or by an OOW on vessels up to 500Gt. The Master 200 has different operational levels; ‘limited’, allowing operation up to 150 miles or ‘unlimited’ for worldwide use. Holders of Yachtmaster Offshore with a ROC GMDSS certificate are limited to 150 miles. Holders of Yachtmaster Ocean with a GOC GMDSS certificate are classed as unlimited.

Gaining the Master 200 The MCA Master 200 – OOW 500 is gained after successfully passing an oral examination with an MCA examiner. There is no set MCA or RYA preparation course for the Master 200 – OOW 500 oral exam. 50% of the MCA Master 200 oral exam syllabus includes items that are well covered in the RYA Yachtmaster training programme: Navigation, IRPCS, Meteorology, Chartwork etc.  The remaining 50% of syllabus items are rarely covered or encountered in normal RYA training: Business and law, MarPol, Stability, Bridge procedures etc.

We start the course looking at Business, Law and Regulation so that we have a solid foundation for the rest of the week. On the first night one of your homework tasks is to review the Master 200 syllabus and outline what areas you would like particular help on over the remaining days.

Pre- requirements for Master 200/OOW 500 limited
RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence (Commercially Endorsed by the RYA)
RYA Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Shorebased certificate
Personal Survival Techniques (STCW A-VI/1-1) or non-STCW RYA Basic Sea Survival
Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention (STCW A-VI/1-2)
Elementary First Aid (STCW A-VI/1-3)
Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (STCW A-VI/1-4)
A GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC)
HELM Operational Certificate (Human Element Leadership and Management)


Additional pre-requirements for Master 200/OOW 500 unlimited
RYA MCA Yachtmaster Ocean
RYA Shorebased Yachtmaster Ocean
GMDSS General Operators Certificate (GOC)


Candidates are required to complete a Notice of Eligibility (NoE) and send it to the MCA. The MCA recommend that you allow at least 28 days to process the NoE. Oral examinations are conducted at MCA offices around the country and we can assist candidates to arrange the exams, especially in the Merseyside area.


We run 4 of these courses per year please call or email to book your place.